“We never really got along,” Yuvraj Singh said of his friendship with MS Dhoni.

Yuvraj Singh, a former cricket player for India, recently spoke out about his friendship with former captain MS Dhoni. As a guest on the popular YouTuber Ranveer Allahbadia’s podcast, Yuvraj Singh clarified how TRP-obsessed individuals misrepresented him and shared his relationship dynamics with Dhoni. Similarly, the stunning admission made by the 2011 ODI World Cup “Man of the Tournament” stated that he and MS Dhoni had never been close friends.

He did not, however, omit to mention that, when it came to representing their nation on the field, they both gave it their all and had a genuine love and enthusiasm for cricket. Therefore, it was only the game that drew them together and helped them form a bond.

Mahi and I were friends since we played cricket together, but we are not very close. Because of the stark differences in our lifestyles, we were never good friends despite our shared love of cricket, Yuvraj Singh stated in the podcast ‘The Ranveer Show’ (TRS).

“Mahi and I gave our country more than our all when we went on the ground. I was vice captain and he was captain in that. I joined the team four years after I was a junior. There will be disagreements over decisions when you are captain and vice-captain, Yuvraj Singh stated.

Yuvraj Singh and Dhoni shared the spotlight for a few of years before becoming vital members of the Indian squad. Together, Dhoni and Yuvraj have won some of the biggest titles, and their relationship has provided fans with many treasured memories over the years.

He occasionally made decisions that I disagreed with: Yuvraj

In addition, Yuvraj Singh mentioned that he occasionally disagreed with decisions made by MS Dhoni and vice versa. He did, however, express the opinion that this is the case with every team and mentioned that Dhoni was the one who consistently offered him candid feedback.

“I didn’t always like the decisions I made, and he didn’t always like the ones I made. It takes place in every team. I sought him for assistance when my career was coming to an end and I wasn’t receiving the correct picture of it. It was he who informed me that you are not currently being considered by the selection committee. At least I now knew the whole story, I thought to myself. This is right before the World Cup in 2019. That is the truth,” Yuvraj Singh said in closing.

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